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We are multilingual, multicultural language professionals helping global communication.

Our mission is to offer and share tools and resources and facilitate community initiatives.

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You are a member of Translation Commons, a nonprofit online volunteer community aiming to help all language professionals to maximize your contribution to the language industry and to achieve due recognition for your work. Translation Commons offers access to open source tools and resources, facilitates community-driven initiatives,  empowers linguists and shares educational and language assets powered by translators. You are encouraged to enjoy all the opportunities offered through Translate, Share and Learn, join the active projects and initiatives and create your own.

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What is Translation Commons?

Translation Commons is a nonprofit online volunteer community of language professionals: linguists, translators, interpreters, terminologists, engineers, students, language service managers, academics. Its mission is to offer access to open source tools and resources, to facilitate community-driven initiatives, to empower linguists and to share educational and language assets powered by translators.

Join us in our programs to ensure all linguists, languages and cultures participate fully on the internet.

How you can help

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our community. Their passion for language and their expertise in technology are the cornerstones of all our initiatives. Their selfless commitment and clear vision of the roadmap that our industry needs to follow are a testament to the merit of a united global language community.

Do you have an idea that would benefit the community? Want to share tutorials, translation memories or other resources? Want to become a Mentor to the next generation? Want to localize the Translation Commons website in your language? Want to help out with one of our programs?

We need your help to make our community better! Click below and start contributing and sharing with all Translation Commons volunteers.

Translation Commons is a nonprofit and it belongs to the community. Everything you see has been created by volunteers like you. But there are some things we still need to buy to be able to run the site. You can support the community by making a one-off or regular donation of any amount. Your donation will help us develop the community and put even more resources for everyone to use.


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