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29 September 2023, 7 am PDT – 9:30 am PDT

The online event will be live-streamed on the
IDIL 2022-2032 Facebook page and Translation Commons YouTube channel

Organized by Translation Commons 

In partnership with 

UNESCO’s Secretariat of the International Decade of Indigenous Languages


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The Event  will provide the context of power dynamics in translation in indigenous languages and will shed light on the intricate dynamics within the translation process, particularly pronounced for Indigenous language communities. 

The main theme of the event, Technology and Translation, will explore the intersection of cutting-edge technologies and translation practices focused on Indigenous languages. Technology is a necessity for people to be able to take an active part in society. In order to Unveil the Many Faces of Humanity, we must make the technology available to Indigenous communities, because in language lies identity, culture, tradition and community.

Program Objectives

  • Raise awareness about the importance of professional translation and interpretation to Indigenous communities.
  • Explore the impact of emergent technologies on the field of translation.

The online event will be live-streamed on the IDIL 2022-2032 Facebook page and the Translation Commons YouTube channel. In addition to our main programme on 29 September 2023, a social media campaign will be active during the month of September 2023 to acknowledge the role of translators and interpreters working with Indigenous languages.

Presenters will discuss the benefits and implications of machine translation, artificial intelligence, and other emerging tools for translation, while considering the ways in which these advancements can enhance or complicate the work of translators. 

This online event is organized within the context of the International Decade of Indigenous Languages (2022-2032), which was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2019. Bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders, including linguists, members of the Global task Force for Making a Decade of Action for Indigenous Languages, artists, activists, interpreters, and more, this event aims to foster meaningful dialog on these crucial topics. Students, educators, and policy makers are all encouraged to attend.


Translation Commons is sincerely grateful to all our behind-the-scenes volunteers who have worked so hard to bring this exciting event to fruition by offering their skills, time, passion, and generosity. Further, our speakers bring to us their years of experience to shed light on the very important and often overlooked area of Indigenous language in its many settings in the modern world. Our partners provided guidance and infrastructure to conceive of and conduct the program. We are truly grateful for the honor to work with all of you. Thank you for your contributions.

Translation Commons welcomes sponsors. If you share our passion, we gratefully accept your kind support, and will acknowledge your involvement in our speaker program. Donations of any size are very much appreciated and are tax deductible.