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Keyboard Creation Project

Translation Commons has assembled a group of volunteers from industry and academia to assist Indigenous communities to digitize their language. One of the first necessary steps in language digitization is to have a keyboard so that users can enter the characters and symbols used in their language.

This project is a collaboration with individual Indigenous communities that want their language digitized and our experts in the design and implementation of virtual keyboards. It is a free service that offers communities:

Keyboard design and layouts for desktop, mobile and other devices
Keyboard implementation
Keyboard publication for easy access
User documentation
Training and workshops for communities that prefer to do their own design and implementation

The keyboards we develop are generally open source, however for communities that are concerned about cultural appropriation or other issues, we can accommodate their privacy.
Translation Commons intends to eventually develop a streamlined and scalable framework to assist communities in the design, development and adoption of keyboards for their languages.

Request a Keyboard

To request assistance creating a digital keyboard, visit our Keyboard Creation Service Page and fill out the Keyboard Request Form. This page describes the information needed from your community to get started. You can use the form to request our team to design and implement a keyboard for your language, or to assist you with the project, or to provide training and workshops.


To learn more about creating digital keyboards, we invite you to review the Keyboard Creation Tutorial Videos on our YouTube channel.