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Welcome to the COVID-19 Multilingual Poster-Maker

Choose a language by typing it in the “language” field and clicking from the drop-down menu, the poster will change to your language. If we don’t have complete translations in your language, we display as many translated words as we have.

We are continuously working to make improvements and to add languages. You can help! Email your corrections and ideas at We invite each contributor to use their best judgement to express these instructions inclusively and appropriately for their culture. If you need help please look at page: Help and Frequently Asked Questions

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You can find fully translated posters in over 350 Languages. You can also find helpful information in the Frequently Asked Questions page and a List of Contributors.

Watch Jeannette Stewart describing the Poster-Maker and discussing the Covid-19 impact on Indigenous Languages in an interview by Ludmila Golovine of Masterword, Inc, as part of the series “Lessons Learned”.



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