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Translation Commons Partners with People-Centered Internet

Translation Commons Localizes PCI Communications

Translation Commons has partnered with People-Centered Internet (PCI) to localize their monthly communications, which consist of a newsletter with a rundown on PCI’s latest projects and updates. These communications are translated from English into Chinese, Indonesian, French, Spanish, and German by the pool of volunteer linguists who collaborate with Translation Commons. For more details on newsletters and their translated versions you can visit PCI newsletters.

PCI Supports Development of People-Centered Applications

PCI was founded in 2015 by co-founders Mei Lin Fung and Vint Cerf with the goal to improve the lives of people around the world. Through their projects and initiatives, PCI supports Internet access and connectivity, fights disinformation and encourages technology ethics and trust, supports the development of people-centered applications, advises policymakers, and leverages technology to promote diversity and create opportunities.

Bridging the Digital Language Divide

Translation Commons Is Bridging the Digital Language Divide.
 In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital transformation ensuring that every language has its place is both an aspiration and a responsibility. This is where Translation Commons, a non-profit volunteer team, emerges as a beacon of hope and collaboration. With a mission to create a digital ecosystem where linguistic diversity thrives, Translation Commons is making significant strides in fostering equal access to information across languages.”
Quote from PCI newsletter – August 2023 edition

Translation Commons Localization Team

Project Managers
  • Ana Madeira Gomes
  • Camisia Glasgow
  • Aranzazu Salguero Lemaur
  • Chen Yao
  • Meng Ren
  • Samanta Sarabia
  • Han Liu
  • Liuyi Y.
  • Fandi Hizbullah
  • Cherry Gonzales
  • Nigar Hasanova
  • Yiwei Wu


  • Han Liu 刘含
  • Xinyi Shi 师心怡
  • Jiaqi Hou 侯佳琦
  • Jiahui Lin 林佳慧
  • Siming Yu 余思明
  • Xinhui Jiang 姜欣慧
  • Qianqian Su 苏倩倩
  • Cody Wang 王嘉兴
  • Sharon Hou 侯佳琦
  • Qiuchen Yi 尹秋晨
  • Lili Wang 王丽丽
  • Jacqueline Zhong 杰奎琳·钟
  • Terry Wang 王腾
  • Edward Qian 钱烨
  • Jiayi Ji 纪佳怡
  • Yiwei Wu 武依伟


  • Fandi Hizbullah
  • Grace Tabaluyan
  • Lilian Parsaulian
  • Nissa Sunaringati
  • Nathania Belinda
  • Michael Christopher
  • Cecilia Liando


  • Priamo Jimenez
  • Brissa Vázquez-Sierra
  • Claudia Botero
  • Josefina Boris
  • Fabricio Diaz Serna
  • Paula Salkin
  • Jeanine Aedo
  • Zuleika Chamia
  • Ishaan Kapoor


  • Francois Laporte
  • Walter Roger Atangana Mbida
  • Eugenie Djibo-Zongo
  • Christine Bilore
  • Albin Digue
  • Audrey Williams
  • Edith Felicite Koumtoudji
  • Christian Noutsawo
  • Katherine Edwards
  • Valerie Hébert
  • Nikaise Batika
  • Annette MItchell


  • Pia Myeong-Jin Lampert
  • Kossiwa Jennifer Adobah
  • Corinna Stobbe
ProZ Translators


  • Nora Soufiani
  • Marina Denogent


  • Marcel Machalski
  • Kathrin Oster
  • Anna Milic