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What is Translation Commons?

Translation Commons is a nonprofit US Public Charity powered by Translators. We are a volunteer-based independent online community aiming to bridge all the sectors in the language industry.

We are a self-managed volunteer community, we share ideas, resources and work passionately together for the common good with transparency.

Who better to take on a global project to change the way language is perceived and valued, but a grassroots community of language professionals? A shared vision of a digital world that all languages are equal and all people have a digital voice to share, teach, create and live. We encourage an integrated system view of our industry by all stakeholders.
We respond to the needs of people using endangered and minority languages all over the world, giving them the chance to participate in the opportunities created by technologies enabling scientific, cultural and economic pursuits.

Community Guidelines

Translation Commons has been created with the accepted commons principles of openness, sharing and collective responsibility. It is most importantly a community that exists for the benefit of those involved in all aspects of language translation, but not exclusively so. Since this community by nature is multilingual, multicultural and technologically heterogeneous, we must all expect to encounter some possibly unfamiliar aspects of what we take for normal experience. Not to labor the point too hard, we need to bring sensitivity to our activities and even if we do disagree or oppose others, we should exercise toleration and that must be mutual. It should be a goal of Translation Commons, that any dispute between members, no matter how trivial or how severe, be resolved on amicable terms. Please remember that the opinions expressed on this website are those of each author, not of Translation Commons.

This page gives some guidelines for conduct on the Translation Commons website that are non-legal, non-binding, but lay out some idea of how to follow a universally acceptable code of behavior. It is also imperative to understand just what Translation Commons is and what it is not. However, it is not just intended to inform users of the site about behavior. There are issues with what is acceptable academically, in business and socially.

Please treat our site with the respect you normally would for any gathering place. We are not a public space, but we are an open community. This is a place to share, learn and exchange.

These guidelines will change, so it is important that you keep abreast of any amendments. We will post details of updates to this and other policy documents.

Some general points that should be fairly self-evident

  • The pen is mightier than the sword, but do not weaponize your words
  • Count to ten! Calmly reflect before you commit your thoughts and feelings to writing
  • DO NOT SHOUT or over-exclaim!!!!!!!
  • If you haven’t got something good to say, don’t say anything
  • All questions deserve a civil answer
  • If you can’t give a civil answer, don’t say anything
  • If someone demands money from you, let us know. TC is a not-for-profit community
  • Copyright violations should be brought to our attention
  • Do not pass on another member’s information, like email addresses or phone numbers, without their express consent.
  • If in doubt about something/anything ask. We are a community formed to provide help. Do not suffer in silence
  • If you become aware of something/anything that is wrong, speak up
  • If you have any ideas that you think will improve our community, please let us know. We are always open to suggestions
  • By all means disregard anything and everything you read here, but behave like a civilized human being



Intrusion incidents

Your user account is your private place to carry out your activities on Translation Commons. Any activity in your user account which you know is not attributable to you, we ask that you inform us, giving full details. In addition, if possible, the time of events may be helpful, as would other evidence like screenshots and so on.

Software malfunctions

If you become aware of any aspect of the site not performing as expected, we would appreciate you telling us about this.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of possible faults:

  • Misspellings
  • Mistranslations
  • Dead links
  • Misdirected links
  • Browser quirks (e.g. unacceptable page load times)
  • Incorrect data edits (e.g. numeric fields accepting alphabetics)
  • Miscalculations (e.g. date or financial data)


Volunteering and Contributing

Translation Commons relies on its members to volunteer their experience and skills. It is also by nature a multilingual and multicultural community. It is aimed at those in the language industry and those training to join it. It is preferable to bring a healthy level of toleration to participation in the community and to assist other members who may benefit from your insights. Please also remember that showing gratitude for any help you may receive is usually much-appreciated.

If you do possess a particular skill that you would like to share with others, but do not perhaps know how to go about doing it or want to know if there will be interest from other members, simply ask. Our community is as diverse as it gets and you might be surprised at the ways in which others can contribute back to you and your ideas.

The community welcomes financial donations. These certainly help meet the costs of the TC online infrastructure.


Read our User Agreement. Understand what it says and know your rights.

Read our Privacy Policy. It’s important that you understand what TC does and does not do with your data

Unless otherwise stated, Translation Commons observes the terms of a Creative Commons License.



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