Our Vision



Translation Commons is an online community offering an independent platform for sharing linguistic knowledge freely, so that, together, we create a world without communication barriers where no language and no linguist is left behind.



Community Service

Service is at the heart of Translation Commons. Being of benefit to the global community and serving our members with humility and integrity allows for a transparent interchange of high-value resources, where knowledge and support is free.


For Translation Commons equality means also diversity. No language, role, or resource is too small to be ignored in a truly global language community.


Trust is another fundamental value of Translation Commons. Members, volunteers and leadership observe a code of conduct that is based on personal integrity and transparency. The safety of our members and the security of shared information and resources is paramount.

Professional Enrichment

As the steward of the global language community’s abundant knowledge, information and technologies, professional enrichment is a core value of Translation Commons. All language professionals world-wide can use the free resources the platform collects and learn new skills. Mentored and supported, they are empowered to grow professionally.




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