In this section you will find information about all the working groups in Translation Commons. The working groups include both Translation Commons Think Tanks and member generated working groups. In the list below you will also find Initiatives generated outside Translation Commons which we are hosting and they use our platform to collaborate. All the working groups below are open to new volunteers to work on a specific community project together.

Translation Commons offers to all working groups many tools to facilitate their cooperation: a group email, customizable independent online site with multiple in-built functions, group calendar, forum and document uploader. The groups can be either public, open to everyone in TC or by invitation. You may request to start a new working group at any time and we will help you with the set-up.

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In this section you will find contact information about all the working groups on the Translation Commons platform.

ADT (Attracting and Developing Talent), a LocWorld Initiative

Adapting and Developing Talent is aimed to examine and work on solutions to the challenges of educating professionally trained staff in the localization industry to confront the coming talent shortage.

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Community Think Tank

The group is open to everyone to contribute, share, discuss and collaborate. All sectors of our industry can exchange views and discuss existing and future projects as well as create a roadmap for community-related issues in our industry.


The group is responsible for reviving and updating the eCoLo project, Shareable Resources for Translation Training, eCoLo (electronic Content Localization): eCoLoRe, collection of freely-available translation technology training resources, eCoLoTrain, courses on the various translation technologies, eCoLoMedia, resources for vocational training in multimedia.

Endangered Languages Project

The Endangered Languages Project is a collaborative initiative designed to facilitate the documentation and revitalization of at-risk languages around the world.

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Interoperability Project

The Language Interoperability Portfolio (Linport) project is a collaborative project developing an open, vendor-independent format that can be used by many different translation tools to put translation materials into containers.

Interpreting Think Tank

The group aims to understand the entire interpreting landscape and measure the extent to which technology is used to deliver human interpretation onsite and offsite. We also wish to understand to what degree professional interpreters are aware of new tools and platforms and what their attitudes are. Through discussions we can attempt to put some foundations in place for self-governing.

Mentoring Think Tank

The group aims to help familiarize T&I professionals and students/graduates with the issues involved in Mentoring and Iay the groundwork for individualized Mentoring Charters and Programs.

Professors and Lecturers

The group aims to provide a discussion forum and knowledge sharing for university professors and lecturers of Translation and Interpretation courses.

Technology Think Tank

The group is a place where all sectors of our industry can exchange views on technology, discuss existing and future projects as well as create a roadmap for technology related issues in our industry.


The group aims to organize and share all free resources and instigate projects within the terminology framework.



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