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Top 5 Resource Management Apps for Corporate Professionals
With the increasing competition in the corporate world, it is getting very tough for the professionals to manage their business resources. Mismanagement of the resources affects productivity of the professionals as well as company’s growth rate. Undoubtedly, Resource Management is one of the crucial aspects which can lead to maximum utilization of the business resources and productivity of the professionals.
Mismanagement of business resources has become bottleneck between many corporate giants and their business growth rate in the present times. Many of the brand names in the corporate sector complain of not achieving their business targets because of the blunders in their resources management. In nutshell, we can say that transgression of the corporate resources is the biggest hindrance between companies and success.
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The big question which arises here is how corporate professionals can manage their work related resources in the best possible way. The answer is quite simple – with mobile application development services. Yes, you can easily make your professional resources systematic by using some of the cutting edge mobile apps. Here are top five smartphones and tablet apps which can really help you with your work related resources -
1. Expenify - Expense Report
This app is a worth downloading for all those CEO’s and corporate professional who goes out on business trips more often. Manage your expense report in a much systematic fashion now with Expensify, free expense reporting app.
How Expensify actually works -
● Synchronize your credit card for tracking real-time purchases
● Pulls in all the E-receipts
● Using your iPhone camera for scanning the paper receipt
● Generate a expense report in PDF format
● You can finally e-mail these expense reports to the finance department for getting you expenses clear and avoiding unnecessary arguments.
2. Evernote -
Evernote is undoubtedly one of the best business app in the present times. With Evernote you can note down every single thing running through your brain while working in the form of text, image or voice by software company. This app helps you in managing your resources in the best possible way and enhance your productivity as well.
How Evernote helps you remembering and organizing your business resources -
● Synchronize your note i.e. text, images or voice across your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC’s etc.
● You can edit you text note, to-do or task list on your device using Evernote
● Moreover, you can add your own handwriting and sketches of your note for making them more customized and managed
● You can save, synchronize and share note with your boss and colleagues when needed.
● Manage your business note in notebook with tags
● You can even e-mail your note and save business tweets your your account on Evernote
3. MightyMeeting -
MightyMeeting is the best app for sharing your presentations on the move, no matter wherever you are. PPT and PDF can be stored online on your MightyMeeting app account securely. These presentation files can be than downloaded on your devices and can be accessed anywhere even in the place where there is no Internet access.
How you can use MightyMeeting for a effective business presentation on the move -
● You can create a business PPT or PDF presentation and share in locally or remotely wherever you want.
● Your can brainstorm on idea and design of different products and services by drawing sketches on the whiteboard.
● You can also share this whiteboard in the boardroom meeting and can control slides remotely.
● You can switch from one presentation to another.
● You can even create creative whiteboard, draw diagrams and write mathematics formulae using MightyMeeting mobile app
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4. DropBox -
There are many cloud storage mobile app but Dropbox is one of its type and is completely compatible within the professional needs of the users from software companies. With Dropbox, you can have complete access of your business data saved on your system, laptop or on any other machine anywhere.
Here is what you can do on Dropbox mobile app -
● Professional e-mail attachments can be easily saved to the Dropbox app
● Docx files can be easily edited on the move
● Important business files can be shared with the colleagues and the business clients using Dropbox any time, anywhere.
● Previously deleted files can be easily recovery on Dropbox mobile app. Dropbox mobile app is enable with “Reliable Cloud Backup Services.”
● You don’t loose you stuff even if your device get stolen on Dropbox
5. CamCard Free – Managing business cards is itself a challenge in the present scenario. With CamCard, you can instantly save business card to your smartphones and tablets. More than fifty million professionals are using CamCard for keeping their business contact intact on their devices.
● Synchronize business card on you smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, MAC or any other device you want to.
● Cards details can be easily edited and managed.
● Business card can be shared on the move via Email, SMS, QR Code etc using CamCard mobile app.
● You can add text, images, audio, video files, link to the business card using this business app
● You can contact any of your business contact using the business card information on your device on the move.
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