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Here you will find the portal for all community sharing activities, some of which are the following:
  • Think Tanks
  • Initiatives
  • Discussions
  • Groups
You may contact to discuss any of your ideas.

Think Tanks

Translation Commons proposes experts from different areas to join our Think Tanks and contribute to the translation community. Currently, these are the think tanks you can join:

Community Think Tank

A place everyone in the Language Industry can call home. This is our community and the Think Tank is open to everyone to contribute, share, discuss and collaborate. All sectors of our industry can exchange views and discuss existing and future projects as well as create a roadmap for community-related issues in our industry.

Mentoring Think Tank

Conceived in true collaborative spirit and means to serve as a tool to help our industry’s professionals to prosper. Mentoring and knowledge-transfer are crucial to uphold the profession, enhance our self-regulation capacity, serve the market and people and offer value-adding services.

Technology Think Tank

A place where all sectors of our industry can exchange views on technology, discuss existing and future projects as well as create a roadmap for technology related issues in our industry.

Interpreting Think Tank

Aims to discuss and explore all currents aspects of interpreting, specifically how technology is changing and enabling human interpreting. These new tools and technologies that are emerging will need the collaborative input from professional interpreters in order to maximize their effectiveness to interpreters and further adoption.


In this section you will find free community Language Industry Initiatives!

Are you part of a free community project?

This is the place to showcase your Initiative/Community Project. We are working hard to create a template that you will be able to fill and link it to your website.

Your project doesn’t have a website? No problem, we are also creating a webpage template for you to start describing your initiative.

Can’t wait till then? Write to

We will get in touch with you and try to help you.


Check our discussions page to keep yourself updated with what is happening in Translation Commons.


In this section you will find information about all the working groups in Translation Commons. The working groups include both Translation Commons Think Tanks and member generated working groups. In the list below you will also find Initiatives generated outside Translation Commons which we are hosting and they use our platform to collaborate.



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