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Translation Commons is an online community offering an independent platform
for sharing linguistic knowledge freely, so that, together, we create a world
without communication barriers where no language and no linguist is left behind.
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We are social-civil society partners to International Year of Indigenous Languages  an important UNESCO initiative

One of our deliverables “Indigenous Languages: Zero to Digital” is guidelines to help indigenous communities create their own digital infrastructure

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Our mission is to share knowledge, offer free tools, organize language resources and facilitate community initiatives.



What is Translation Commons?

Translation Commons is a nonprofit US Public Charity powered by Translators. We are a volunteer-based independent online community aiming to bridge all the sectors in the language industry.

We are a self-managed volunteer community, we share ideas, resources and work passionately together for the common good with transparency.

Who better to take on a global project to change the way language is perceived and valued, but a grassroots community of language professionals? A shared vision of a digital world that all languages are equal and all people have a digital voice to share, teach, create and live. We encourage an integrated system view of our industry by all stakeholders.
We respond to the needs of people using endangered and minority languages all over the world, giving them the chance to participate in the opportunities created by technologies enabling scientific, cultural and economic pursuits.

How you can help

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our community. Their passion for language and their expertise in technology are the cornerstones of all our initiatives. Their selfless commitment and clear vision of the roadmap that our industry needs to follow are a testament to the merit of a united global language community.


Here are some projects our volunteers have been working on:

Mentoring Guidelines, more material on the Mentoring Group page

eCoLo, Resources (for training on tools), Training kits (to learn content localization) and Media (to learn new skills)

Interoperability Project

We are social-civil society partners to International Year of Indigenous Languages an important UNESCO initiative

One of our deliverables “Indigenous Languages: Zero to Digital” is guidelines to help indigenous communities create their own digital infrastructure

Do you have an idea that would benefit the community? Let’s create a group.

Want to share tutorials, translation memories or other resources? Upload from your dashboard.

Want to become a Mentor to the next generation? Join the Mentoring group.

Want to localize the Translation Commons website in your language? Check out the open positions.

Want to help out with one of our programs? Email krista@translationcommons.org

Translation Commons is a nonprofit and it belongs to the community.

Everything you see has been created by volunteers like you. But there are some things we still need to buy to be able to run the site.

You can support the community by making a one-off or regular donation of any amount.

Your donation will help us develop the community and put even more resources for everyone to use.


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Below are some things you can do on the TC platform

Contribute a resource

Sharing information and knowledge is at the heart of the TC community. Every time you share a link to a free resource or you upload any type of resource, you help the rest of the community to learn something new. All your uploads are listed at the drop-down menu “my contributions” in your dashboard. It is very important to let us know where to place your uploaded material. 

Here are some examples:

  • Link to a free resource goes to the Resources Hub
  • Link to a free tool or a free trial of a tool goes to Translate
  • Material to be used for translation goes to Translate/Material for Translation
  • Tutorials and Articles go to the Learning Center
  • Video tutorials if they general information go to the Learning Center, if they are tool specific go to the Resources Hub/Training 
  • Let us know of any news you have to share in our news section, you may add photos or video links too.
  • Write a post for the Translation Commons blog and upload in a word document.

If you unsure where a resource or link should go, ask Krista to decide.

You can also create new material using the tools and then upload them to TC:

Please make sure to give enough information so we upload it correctly.

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Mar 19

Announcing the New Board of Directors

We’re proud and excited to be writing the second chapter of our Translation Commons story, in which we’ll be strategically growing and strengthening our free online community.   

Helping us achieve our vision of a world without communication barriers, we’re delighted to welcome Cornelia Sittel, Dave Ruane and Sabina Jasinska to the Board of Directors.

Coming from different corners of the world, they bring vast knowledge, a variety of cultural experiences and different perspectives to represent our global community and provide leadership.

If you’re passionate about languages, join us in realizing our ambitious future for Translation Commons. Take a look at our independent online community and together, let’s make sure neither linguist nor language is ever left behind.


Translation Commons aims to deliver a solid member experience by being responsive to your needs and wishes. Our development team is working hard to accommodate all the new features that will enhance functionality and collaboration. Take a look at what our wonderful volunteers and engineers are working on.

Universities that joined TC

These are just some of the many universities that both Professors and students have become members and are active in the various volunteer groups.

KU Leuven
University of Limerick


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