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Here you will find learning activities, some of which are the following:
  • Learning Center, online courses, tutorials, skill development program,  and videos.
  • Resources Hub, a compilation of valuable online resources for translators
  • eCoLo Project (electronic Content Localization): Shareable Resources for Translation Training
    • eCoLoRe, collection of freely-available translation technology training resources
    • eCoLoTrain, courses on the various translation technologies
    • eCoLoMedia, resources for vocational training in multimedia

Learning Center

In this section you will find courses, workshops, seminars, one-to-one training, as well as articles, resources and tutorials for your daily activity.

Resources Hub

A place where you will find a set of valuable resources such as terminology databases, glossaries, translation tools, public and private organizations linked to the language industry and much more.


The eCoLo platform provides useful training materials for both students and teachers in order to help improve skills in different areas of computer-assisted translation: translation memory, software localization, project management, and terminology. You will find multilingual material, training kits, training scenarios and full courses on various translation and localization techniques.

The eCoLo- projects were developed by a consortium of European Universities with the objective to overcome the lack of competences and especially of reference materials in the teaching of CAT tools and translation technologies. The project is led by a team of the original creators and supplemented by US Universities. The new initiative is now designed with scalability and growth in mind and is truly going global. As more Universities join the Program, more languages will be added and more volunteers will maintain the multilingual material.

You can help by donating your multilingual material. Please use these guidelines when contributing files. You can contribute them from your user page at Share section.



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