Language museums of the world

Language museums of the world

What about museums devoted to language itself? Imagine places that vividly describe communities’ diverse cultural backgrounds. The world’s first known museum back in 530 BC reminds us of the importance of preserving cultures and communities’ linguistic heritage.

Passionately devoted linguists have gathered together, in a team effort to increase public awareness of dying languages. Linguists’ absolute commitment to this cause has successfully prevented many cultures from forever disappearing. Many of us may not be fully aware that the 7000 languages in the world represent the richest heritages on earth. Museums exclusively dedicated to languages would mean connecting groups to their historic past in an attempt to maintain cultural identity. But, how rarely do we have the time to stop, enjoy and learn about them? 

The world’s linguistic diversity is worth exploring and protecting. Linguists stand for those who safeguard their cultural practices, as a vital aspect of human existence. Language museum settings, properly designed, can save numerous cultures from certain extinction. Such places where local languages are celebrated, provide a wider perspective on those who speak and write them.

As the International Decade of Indigenous Languages approaches, we have the difficult task to educate and promote language revitalization. With this in mind, this event is a call to action on language extinction; when a language ceases to be learned, its days are clearly numbered. Yet, language museums are the perfect antidote to this and our only hope of gaining a deeper understanding of our evolution. There, history is not dead and buried but alive and kicking.  

Language museums of the world empower communities to keep records of their own cultural roots. The world’s languages are exceptionally diverse and take fully devoted language professionals to ensure their survival. The global community is one vast language museum that can be examined from different angles. 


Ángeles Possetti 

Translator and content writer. An English into Spanish translator with experience in legal translations and with a background in Community Management. Currently, studying to become an English language teacher. 


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