We believe in the power of language to change lives through our programs

The Language Digitization Initiative is solutions-oriented and we focus on actionable deliverables.

The goal of Translation Commons’s Language Digitization Initiative (LDI) is to provide a vast array of resources such as toolkits, pilot studies, guidelines, and training to indigenous communities in order to improve their access to information. 



Zero to Digital: A Guide to Bring Your Language Online

TC Videos and presentations

An introduction to font issues for language support by Gerry Leonidas

Text, Keyboard, Font, Essentials for your language on the internet by Craig Cornelius


Chakma Digitization by Bivuti

Sora Sompeng by Sony Salma (slides)

Children’s story in Mehri by Janet Watson (slides)

Selim and his shadow in Mehri by Janet Watson (slides)


UN – UNESCO Documents

Free and Prior Informed Consent

The Indigenous World 2020

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

UNESCO Policy on Engaging with Indigenous Peoples

UNESCO’s Engagement with Indigenous Peoples

The Sustainable Development Goals Repost 2019

UNESCO’s Internet Universality Indicators


Publishing of the Zero to Digital: A Guide to Bring Your Language Online was an important milestone on our journey to prevent and reverse global language extinction. But there is still a lot of work to be done for ensuring human rights and connectivity for all the native languages. We call for localization and internationalization experts, language translation professionals, language community advocates, linguists, font designers and marketing experts to join our mission in breaking the language and communication barriers!

In Progress

Terminology Guidelines

Data Gathering Guidelines

Machine Translation Guidelines

Certification Guidelines

Mentoring Guidelines

Internship Guidelines

Zero to Digital: bringing a language online Pilot with Sunuwar language

Language Technology Workshop

Mapping the digitization status of all languages

Indigenous Interpreter Training

Indigenous Translator Training

Professor Community of Practice






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