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Website and Content Development

Jeannette Stewart, Alan Stewart, Jean Aurambault, Hanna Kanabiajeuskaja, Jose Juan Carrascosa, Sergio Ortiz Rojas, Gema Ramirez Sanchez, Dianna Star, Encarnita Gomez Alcaraz, Gabriela Lazslo, Cheng Song, Ziqi Zhou, Brenda McLaughlin, Wei Wu, Zoey Cooper, Jessica Rosen, Benzhen Hu, Daniel Rairigh

Community Management

Brenda McLaughlin, Cheng Song, Ziqi Zhou, Altynay Linstrum, Beatriz Verdasco, Barbara Pozzi, Teresa Giuffrè, Hua Zhu

Marketing and Social Media

Alicia Camacho Sampron, Alejandra Parada Pena, Zoey Cooper

Group and Program Volunteers

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The International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019 is a UNESCO initiative and Translation Commons has partnered to produce technical assistance to indigenous groups as well as create awareness.
  PIC and Translation Commons have partnered to enable innovators to leverage from and contribute to the TC community of experts and volunteers.

The GALA Partner Program streamlines cooperation between organizations with similar missions. As partners, we provide mutual support to advance the goals of our organizations and to benefit our audiences.


Panlex and Translation Commons have partnered and will be exploring joint opportunities, pursuing funding and sharing knowledge.



Attracting and Developing Talent LocWorld and Translation Commons have partnered to create meaningful and relevant content for the LocWorld community track.




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