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Website and Content Development

Jeannette Stewart, Alan Stewart, Jean Aurambault, Hanna Kanabiajeuskaja, Jose Juan Carrascosa, Sergio Ortiz Rojas, Gema Ramirez Sanchez, Dianna Star, Encarnita Gomez Alcaraz, Gabriela Lazslo, Cheng Song, Ziqi Zhou, Brenda McLaughlin, Wei Wu, Zoey Cooper, Jessica Rosen, Benzhen Hu, Daniel Rairigh, Kaixin Zhong, Xiaofu Dong, Jasmine Wang, Esther Perez, Johanna Behm, Jessy Nguyen, Hanna Kerr, Ramara Reisch, John Clement

Community Management

Brenda McLaughlin, Cheng Song, Ziqi Zhou, Beatriz Verdasco, Barbara Pozzi, Teresa Giuffrè, Hua Zhu, Benzhen Hu, Daniel Rairigh, Kaixin Zhong, Xiaofu Dong, Jasmine Wang, Esther Perez, Jessica Rosen, Johanna Behm, Gabriella Laszlo, Jeannette Stewart, Esther Perez, Lucie Milan, Jamie Chu, Nada Alkawsi, Agata Schweizer, Christopher Bruha, Pia Christensen, Jessy Nguyen


Marketing and Social Media

Johanna BehmSabina Jasinska, Alicia Camacho Sampron, Alejandra Parada Pena, Zoey Cooper, Silvia Pinheiro, Suzie Towne, Hannah Kerr, Cheng Qian, Coralie Morin, Esther Perez, Jamie Chu, Mette Attar, Pia Christensen, Sara Rodriguez, Tanbir Johal, Tianxing Tang, Leonidas Pappas, Beixian Huang, Cheng Qian, Hannah Kerr, Jiaqi Zheng, Lena Wakayama, Sheri Yang, Vasiliki Korfiati

International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019 and Language Digitization Initiative

Craig Cornelius, Lee Collins,  Craig Cummings, Deborah Anderson, Jeannette Stewart, Johanna Behm, Andrew Owen, Mette Attar, Krystian Aparta, Gia Jaramillo, Cornelia Sittel, Ludmila Golovine, Natalia Noland, Cynthia Jones, Claudia McQuillan, Barbara Pozzi, Esther PerezSilvia Pinheiro, Kutz Arrieta, Lawrence Wolf-Sonkin, Anna Luisa Daigneault, Julie Anderson, Daniel Bogre Udell, Anna Belew, Julia Nee, Tex Texin, Linda Golley, Jacob Bowdoin, Tabea DeWille, Jeff Beatty, Sue Ellen Wright, Alaina Brandt, Tim Brookes

Group and Program Volunteers

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The International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019 is a UNESCO initiative and Translation Commons has partnered to produce technical assistance to indigenous groups as well as create awareness.

The Endangered Languages Project is a collaborative online space to share information, resources and ideas to strengthen the world’s endangered languages.


The GALA Partner Program streamlines cooperation between organizations with similar missions. As partners, we provide mutual support to advance the goals of our organizations and to benefit our audiences.



Panlex and Translation Commons have partnered and are exploring joint opportunities, pursuing funding and sharing knowledge. The Covid-19 Poster-maker produced by this partnership has reached over 250 communities around the world.



The Script Encoding Initiative is a project that assists user communities get eligible characters and scripts into the Unicode Standard, so they will eventually be accessible on computers and mobile devices. The focus of SEI is on the characters used in modern minority languages and in historic languages.

Masterword Inc works with languages of limited diffusion and trains new linguists. The company is facilitating many TC programs and donating employees’ time to participate in the Language Digitization Initiative.


Ideas Beyond Borders develops and implements international programs to empower individuals with knowledge often suppressed by authoritarian regimes and dictatorships.


  Open Source Medical Supplies (OSMS) has brought together a global network of makers working together to meet the unprecedented medical supply challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Translation Commons volunteers are localizing the OSMS Medical Supply Guide and Local Response Guide into 44 languages. 





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