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Open Source Medical Supplies 

Created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Open Source Medical Supplies (OSMS) helps local fabricators and institutions responsibly create and distribute sorely needed protective gear and medical equipment to local communities in crisis, sourcing open-source design plans to fabricators of all scales and guides to community organizers who want to help organize effective local response efforts for their communities. OSMS is a project begun in March 2020, now under the corporate umbrella of Resolve NGO.

OSMS provides a curated open-source design library, and guidance to support local groups in effectively organizing fabrication and distribution efforts to meet the local demand for COVID-19 supplies.

As part of their Local Response, OSMS has partnered with the Translation Commons community to localize the OSMS Medical Supply Guide and Local Response Guide into 44 languages, as well as localize the OSMS website in 6 languages.


“Careful in their work, always a pleasure to work with and there when we needed them, the professional linguists of Translation Commons enabled our small English-speaking American team to support people with information that was literally life-saving . They became vital, reliable, members of our team. There is no way we could have reached so many corners of the Earth without them.”
David de Weerdt
Global Network Lead, OSMS

Project CosmOs

Translation Commons responded to the need for translating, project managing and interpreting by creating a team of 20 PMs and organizing the hundreds of linguists that volunteered to OSMS. The Project is ambitious and with constant updates is ongoing.

With valuable partners in Wordbee who donated the platform and Proz.com who have been helping us reach out to their volunteers, we have organized a mega project with an elaborate and carefully curated workflow. We have also provided simultaneous interpretation through KUDO and ZipDX who also donated their platforms.


Silvia Pinheiro, Pia Christensen, Christopher Bruha, Vanessa Prolow, Libra Boai Li, Beatriz Alban Cabaco, Barbara Pozzi, Cong Zuo, Julie Bonaccorsi, Lorena Abate, Ruiyao Zhang, Yafang Cai, Nathalia Rio Preto, Gentiana Hasko, Catharine Minois, Miao Zhang, Yikai Wang, Yeong-Eun Cha, Vanesa Qin, Meng Yuan, Paige Rindone, Andi Jusniar, Sara al Najar, Samuel Bockoven, Elahe Kalbassi

Lucile RozĂ©-Duval (French), BĂ©atrice Boltz (French), Claudia Bragman (French)

Sonia Regina Amadeo (Portuguese BR), Diego Damasio (Portuguese BR), Daniele Fonseca (Portuguese BR)

Bárbara D. Szteinberg (Spanish), JL Villanueva (Spanish)

The translations are all online on the OSMS website. You can also find more information on the translators.



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