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The ever-changing world of terms

Word shift. Loanwords. Portmanteau words. What sort of terms are these? Well, these are the terms we use to describe changes in the vocabulary of a language and therefore changes to the language itself. Language changes constantly and this extends from the...

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Oct 19

International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019

Translation Commons is a Social-Civil society partner to IYIL2019. Under the guidance of UNESCO, our volunteers have undertaken two projects:

  1. The creation of a step-by-step guide for indigenous languages to start digitizing and become able to use their language online, Indigenous Languages: Zero to Digital.
  2. University Events to promote awareness amongst students and put the foundations for future research.

We presented all the work done so far at IMUG at the LinkedIn HQ on October 17th and again at the Unicode conference on October 18th.

Next we are presenting at the ATA conference on October 26th and LocWorld conference on November 6th


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