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Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our community. Their passion for language and their expertise in technology are the cornerstones of all our initiatives. Their selfless commitment and clear vision of the roadmap that our industry needs to follow are a testament to the merit of a united global language community.

Take a look at some of our contributors.

Collaborate with your fellow peers on any community project you feel passionate about and develop new skills, share your insights and see how the world changes in front of your eyes. There are many benefits when you volunteer in your chosen community; you get to speed up your career, expand your professional network, learn from experts and forge strong professional relationships. If you are passionate about languages and our work, spread the word by advocating for Translation Commons’ mission.

First, take a look at our Volunteer Needs section. If you don’t find a suitable place for you, don’t worry: in our community we have place for everyone. Please contact to get the ball rolling.

Our Volunteer Needs

Translation Commons is constantly growing and working on new improvements for the translation community. We are looking for the following specialists to lend us a hand:

  • Content Stars (write Help content giving instructions on how to best use the Translation Commons website)
  • Social Media Stars (create a growth plan and facilitate our groups and online presence)
  • Sponsor Relations Stars (ideally from a Business Development background to help us establish strong support from the community)
  • SEO Star (create the magic that will put us on the digital map)
  • Automation Providers Liaison Star (we would like to offer our TC members free trial access to all available tools, our liaison will make this happen)
  • Community Stars (if you understand how our community lives and breathes and you are sensitive to everyone’s needs, help our community grow and prosper)

If you can see yourself in any of these roles, we will help you master them. Becoming a volunteer not only helps our community but you can also add it to your resume (CV) and we will gladly offer reference letters.  Please go to the next tab and fill out the form “Become a volunteer”.

If none of these roles are suitable for you, you can still fill out the form “Become a volunteer”. We will help you find the right role in our team of volunteers.

Become a Volunteer

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