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ATA Resource Review of Translation Commons, July/August 2018, ATA Chronicle

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Resource review by Jeannette Stewar
Translation Commons: A Community for Language Professionals
Translation Commons is a nonprofit, volunteer-based online community designed to facilitate collaboration among diverse sectors and stakeholders of the language industry and encourage transparency, trust, and free knowledge sharing. It was established with the idea that translated data and memories truly belong to the translators who create them and that they should be the ones to benefit from their work. By offering free access to open source tools and other resources, Translation Commons facilitates community-driven projects, aims to help empower linguists, and allows the sharing of educational and language assets.

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Le marché de la traduction en 2022

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Le marché de la traduction en 2022. Rapport sectoriel du sommet TAUS. French. La version française de cette publication a été réalisée par les étudiants du Master en « Traduction spécialisée multilingue » (TSM) de l’Université de Lille (France), dans le cadre du Skills Lab, un atelier de traduction à visée pédagogique (2018).

Sign Languages

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First published in Multilingual Magazine, by Jeannette Stewart. If you want to translate this or other Multilingual articles, please click here.

Anyone who has seen Netflix’s spooky drama series Dark must have been struck by the character of 8 year-old Elisabeth Doppler, who communicates using sign language, a trait that makes the plot even more compelling. In fact, Dark has attracted comment for its use of auto-dubbed English from German and its disparity with the subtitling, also in English. Non-German speakers like me must wonder about the original. Leaving that issue aside, it is interesting that the creators devised a role for a child character who is mute.

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